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                                                   XMAS PARTY IN THE BLACK COUNTRY


Party time again and the committee have been hard at work getting organized for a bumper party with entertainment and a superb buffet to please our wonderful supporters and members.

Newsletters and information are distributed by post, e-mail, by hand or via ‘fixture cards’, which are handed out on guest nights. Horrors! I forgot to send out the postal copies so some and considerable time was spent cold calling the appropriate members. It seems that it was not necessary as the ‘bush telegraph had been at work. The problem was that the date of the party night had been changed from the normal monthly Monday. We need not have worried because almost everyone turned up. As we are such a wealthy club it was decided that the evening entertainment would be free to all our supporters, however, due to the high cost of the superb buffet, supplied by local caterers, a begging box was conveniently placed by the entrance, pleading for a few coins to help the treasurer meet the expenses. A few distractions were arranges to keep everyone occupied throughout the evening. A charity fund raising game of Bagatelle encouraged a few of the more wealthy members to have a gamble to try and win a huge cash prize of £10. Other distractions were planned whilst our guest artist for the night was performing. Non other than STEVE ROXTON was the lucky guest artist given the grand opportunity to perform at our club. Steve appeared at the club on our first opening night six years ago and has been a regular ever since. Maggie joined in the fun by taking control of the Bagatelle game.

A superb buffet, a table top covered with donated quality raffle prizes, a full house and Steve raring to go so the fun began. Those of you who have been entertained by Steve before know that he is an all round entertainer, player and singer. The programme he played was well chosen with a good variety tunes, songs and an international flavour. The interval began in silence as everyone was busy enjoying the variety of tasty foodstuffs including the traditional mince pies. An unexpected treat lay in store for us because Steve began to play the Xmas favourite, ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ when Kay Powell, suitably attired in a Rudolph outfit, danced amongst the laughing festive crowd, handing out goodies. Well done Kay! Another very amusing incident occurred, as several members were wearing the traditional Xmas hat, with the bobble, no one noticed that the hat that John Mason was wearing was dancing on his head. The impression given was that he had a ferret under his hat. Very quickly the nods and laughs spread round the audience and when John paraded up and down the aisle, one and all were highly amused. Steve managed to keep playing with a big grin on his face.

Another year over and we must express our thanks to all our members for their support, donations, the endless supply of raffle prizes and last but not least helpers in the canteen and the committee. Normal service will commence in January with Social and Band practice nights.

MONDAY JANUARY 25TH. the amazing JEAN MARTYN will be joining us in our BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION PARTY. Jean is an international artist, made the final of BGT, plays the keyboard, piano and organ. January 25th. is a very special night as it is our Birthday Party Night. This most famous entertaining artist is booked and another superb Buffet is provided for your pleasure. A fantastic evening is guaranteed for all members.

UNFORTUNATELY the cost of proving an evening of this quality has to be met with an increase with the entrance fee. The fee on this very special night will be £7.50.