THE KYIV CLASSIC DUO | The Black Country Accordion Club


Monday July 27th.

THE KYIV CLASSIC DUO at The Black Country Accordion Club

A night to remember? It certainly was because this evening concert was our annual visit by non other than Igor and Olesky, The KYIV CLASSIC DUO, the boys from the Ukraine. We make this event a special charity fund raising night with an auction of superb goodies donated by members and local companies. The auction lots consisted of a selection of an assortment of wines, a Tea maker, a Steam Iron, an expensive bottle of Whiskey, a selection of Accordion Books ,(Rob Howards own), etc. and a lovely selection of home grown vegetables personally cultivated by Ray Izod and many others gifts. We received the usual deluge of raffle prizes so we were all set for an evening of fun, financial frivolities and fantastic music.

So, to the evening’s entertainment, what can one say about these magnificent musicians, manipulating their musical instruments with such a magesterial, magnaminous manner, manifesting in magical music leaving the mystified masses wondering how the Duo can play with such perfection and perfect harmony, also wishing that they had taken to playing the harmonica instead of the accordion.

I was delighted to hear the Duo play “The Waltz of the Flowers”, may years have passed since I last heard this lovely piece of music played on the accordion and that was when my old man played it. The secret that I had just mourned my last birthday sneaked out and I was awarded several variations of “Happy Birthday”, played in the manner the famous composers would have played it, brilliant. The Duo’s rendering of ‘The William Tell Overture’, ‘Carnival of Venice’ and ‘Dark Eyes’ all received a standing ovation. I call these ‘Accordion Classics’ but I do listen patiently to classical music which I do politely applaud.

A few years ago whilst filming Alexander Korbakov on location we were setting the cameras up when Alexander was warming up and he began playing a selection of jazz which was fabulous. I pleaded with him to let us record the jazz but he replied, “I play Russian Folk Music, not jazz”. So we listened and recorded Folk Music. So I said to Igor, “Why don’t you play jazz as well as classical music?,” When we come to the Festival in November we shall play jazz for you on one night”, he replied. Jazz lovers, take note.

The auction and raffle were a success, Mike Meldon won the tote and donated his winnings, so with a good turnout we presented the Duo with the entire takings for the evening which was the sum of £704.00. A superb evening all round, everyone departed in a happy frame of mind, some carrying the bargains from the auction, a collection of DVDs, bottles of wine, a set of Prestige saucepans, Stuart Crystal glassware, etc. I will not mention the range of raffle prizes that were won. All of these prizes were donated by members and local businesses and a big thank you to everyone who made all this possible.

August 24th. is the premier public performance of the club accordion band and a special event for members to go on stage and play for us. The concert also includes a special show by our own Barry Smith.September 28th. We welcome back the remarkable duo of DENISE LEIGH and STEFAN ANDRUSYSCHYN. Denise is the famous opera singer, the 2003 OPERATUNITY winner and has performed with The English National Opera. Stefan was the UK National Champion Accordionist, also a pianist and musical director.

Lou Ambrose