THE BLACK COUNTRY ACCORDION CLUB MAY 27TH. | The Black Country Accordion Club




I once described this band as a happy band and this is what they are, full of fun and Gary bell, the musical director is as much a comedian as a musician. He is also a superb trumpet player and we were all looking forward to hearing a few solos from him. Now as usual, this time of the year we have to expect that a number of members will be away on holiday and indeed they were. A number of brass band fans helped fill some of the seats. Even though we had an average turnout we were a little disappointed  because Gary and his merry band have attracted a large number of enthusiasts at previous concerts. The band began the concert with a lively selection of tunes from the Forties, mainly wartime favourites. This was followed by Gary and his usual comedy spiel and chatter with both the audience and the band. He made a point of chatting to an elderly wheelchair bound lady which was a very nice gesture. Love songs and popular tunes followed but the music that really made an impact on everyone was the very impressive ‘Floral Dance’ which received a lengthy ovation. The final number was the ’Bohemian Rhapsody’ which was superb and the appeal for ‘more’ was answered with ‘All that Jazz’, which received a standing ovation.

Next month, July 27th.  We have a visit from the superb dynamic CLASSIC KYIV DUO and we shall hold the usual successful CHARITY AUCTION. Quality goods are desperately needed for this event. As this is a special event the admission fee will be £5.00. Should anyone be unhappy with this please contact Lou on 01384 274742

AUG. 24th. This will be a special evening for everyone as a number of members have asked for the opportunity to take to the stage and play before a paying audience. The first part of the concert will be for members and the second half will consist of a special performance by BARRY SMITH.

Please note; 1st. Monday each month is our SOCIAL night. All welcome players and visitors.

BAND practice is held on the 3rd. Monday of the month. Anyone wishing to take part or just observe, contact Barry on 0121 559 4620.