September 23rd. THE BLACK COUNTRY ACCORDION CLUB | The Black Country Accordion Club





This visit was well anticipated and indeed turned out to be another BIG BAND SHOW. The Halesowen Brass Band arrived in numbers and proceeded to fill the stage area and the front row of seats. This event is turning into an annual gala of music and fun. Musical director, Gary Bell has groomed the  mixture of young and old players into a fun loving and very entertaining bunch of musicians.

The original band was formed in the early eighties as a fun loving band for the purpose of entertainment and pure pleasure. Brass Band Competitions were not on the agenda. The age group of the musicians  was fixed between 8–81 years old. Variety of entertainment being the theme, over the years, accompanying the band we have had accordionists, singers, drummers and trumpet soloists and duos. Add to this a wise-cracking funnyman, Gary Bell himself and we are on the way to a night of music and fun.As our feature advert in the local paper failed to materialize, the expected attendance was down, which was disappointing compared with the last appearance of this band. Roger Armstrong, the regular drummer with Barry Smiths’ own band, complete with his drum kit, made a guest appearance for this concert.So, the scene was set for a night of music and fun and the singing and clapping soon began with a super selection from Mama Mia and some Nat King Cole numbers. Gary added to the fun with his very amusing remarks and jokes, delivered in such a casual manner that one could not help laughing at him. I thought that he was a little unkind making remarks to his band members whilst playing leaving some of them almost unable to continue playing because they were choking with laughter.

Gary had selected an excellent range of tunes which certainly held the attention of the audience, changing the mood and range of the numbers. The sing-along numbers were well supported but the closing tunes,Rag Time and all that Jazz, from ‘Chicago’, were tremendous and Roger, the drum man, excelled himself.

I fancy myself as a critic of the shows that we hold and base my comments on the remarks that the members and visitors make at the end of the night. I watch their faces during the performance, and I just have to say that without exception, every person was delighted at the end of the night. The secret of the success of this fun’ band is that they are a happy band, enjoying their own performance. They were full of fun and laughter throughout the night. Well done Gary, thanks for the trumpet solos.

 The Social nights are becoming more popular with a steady increase in visitors enjoying both music and the refreshments. It is held on the first Monday of the month between the hours of 7.00 and 10.00.

Novice and experienced players are welcome. Barry is available for advice and club owned accordions are available for members to borrow.

 MON. OCTOBER 28TH. THE SHEILA FAWKES QUINTET. The returnof our favourite Jazz Band, Sheila and her boys.


Final note. We must say a BIG THANK YOU to our supporters for the donations, raffle prizes and all their help for making the club such a success. Without them we could not exist.