NOV. 24TH. HARRY HUSSEY | The Black Country Accordion Club




Once again the magnificent maestro of accordion music, non other than the memorable Harry Hussey, manifested
his presence before a multitude of members at our most humble municipal mansion of entertainment.
This evening was to be a night to remember with a feast of dining to music and food, not yet a festive celebration
but non other than a Fish and Chips Supper, as a build up to the Grand Finale for the end of the year Xmas party.
So, that’s it then, our memorable evening was to be a Fish & Chips Supper, guest artist Harry Hussey, Ray Izod
made an appearance, armed with his accordion and a surprise visitor, Jovan Rnjak who gave us a few songs,
accompanied by Harry, of course.
The mood was set for the evening but Harry decided to begin early and greeted the early arrivals with his playing.
He answered their questions and gave demos with his answers.
Harry eventualy began his show with the usual question, asking what would we like to hear him play and he was
very quickly inundated with requests, he did not disappoint anyone. The interval very quickly materialised when
Trevor appeared with a huge box containing the evening meal which was very quickly dispersed amongst the eager
audience. Bread and butter was provided together with soft drinks, tea and coffee. The fish and chips were delicious
and even Harry, joined by the lovely Pat tucked in to the meal, (we even feed the guest artists now). At this moment
Mr. Richard Adey arrived and after commenting on the ‘atmosphere’ soon tucked in to the meal.We may see Richard
and his band at the club in the near future. Ray joined Harry on stage and we were entertained by this duo and they
played very well together. Next on stage was Jovan who sang a number of popular songs. Harry completed his show
by playing an endless number of requests from the audience. An excellent night of music and fun, interupted only by
the endless Harry Hussey humour.
The next social night will include the vote for the “Most improved player of the year and the winner will receive the
‘Fred Payne Memorial Trophy’. This year we have decided to introduce another trophy, The ‘Reg Philips Memorial
Trophy’, which will be awarded to the best Novice accordionst of the year. Both Reg and Fred were founder members
of the club.
We shall end our very successful year with a grand Xmas Party on Monday December 15th. Barry is assembling a
band to play on the night and the theme will be A FORTIES THEME. We hope everyone will make an attempt to
wear something from that era to add to the fun and atmosphere.
The SOCIAL nights continue to be a success with visitors enjoying the attempts made by members attacking various
pieces of music with varied rates of success.

2015 will begin with our BIRTHDAY PARTY and Barry has lined up som