MARCH 25TH. NEWSLETTER | The Black Country Accordion Club











Snow, more snow and very cold and yes it’s Monday night again. Guests Artists for the night are


our friends from the North Staffs Accordion Club and yes, regardless of the weather conditions


they arrived in time for a hot cup of tea and time to set up all their gear. Access to the forecourt


was limited and our car park was not usable due to the amount of snow. These miserable conditions


did not deter the majority of our supporters and we had a very reasonable turnout. John Shelley, the


winner of the Fred payne Trophy for 2012, (most improved player) began the show with a selection of


tunes and then Steve Horton introduced himself and the band. This was to be the second visit of the


band as they had been to visit us about two years ago and as Steve stated , there was quite an improvement


in their performance which was acknowledged by all. An strange thing happened, in between numbers


Steve amused us all with a selection of unusual jokes. Now what was unusual as well as very refreshing


was the lack of four letter words and sexual inuendoes and still Steve was rewarded with lots of laughter.


Yes it was a pleasure to listen to a real funny man with clean jokes. The band played a selection of popular


tunes which included some Beatles numbers. I enjoyed ‘Memories’ from Cats and the tunes from ‘Oaklahoma’.


After a cup of tea and a snack the show continued with a few tunes from Brian Dyson before Steve


continued with more of his ‘humour’ before the band once again got into their stride. An Italian selection


of tunes was followed by an excellent rendering of ‘Those Magnificent men in their Flying Machines’ and


this was followed by the an enthusiastic encore of ‘Colonel Bogey’.


A good night,numbers down slightly due to the weather conditions, many thanks to Steve and the band for


a very good performance and thanks for turning up despite the dreadful state of the roads. Congratulations to


the band for their achievements in coming together as an accordion band.


The table top sale of various instruments earned our charity, ‘Starlight’ £20 in commission. The table top


sale always adds an interesting topic for people as they sup their tea and crunch biscuits and on this


occasion a good selection of accordions, a concertina and a banjo were on sale. Members are invited to


bring along any items they would like to sell and if successful make a donation to our pet charity.


Monday April 1st. is the next Social Night meeting and this social gathering is doing very well. More


people are attending and taking the opportunity to have a go. Part of the evening is dedicated to band


practice and please note more band members are needed.


Monday April 22nd. Return visit from JOHN ROMERO


Monday May 6th. Social Night


Monday May 27th. Welcome to STEVE DAVIES



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