February 23rd | The Black Country Accordion Club

February 23rd



After the December and January Parties our members did not know just what to expect at the February club night. Some of our members are keen Folk Music fans and support the local Folk Music Club which is about half a mile away. One of our members, Harry Floyd, being a keen supporter of both clubs had an idea of organizing a number of folk members to come to our club to show us what they can do. An evening was arranged and quite a number of them arrived on the chosen night, as arranged by Harry. The programme for the evening had not been prepared as the number of invited players had not been confirmed due to circumstances and transport. As a number of guest players began to  arrive a programme began to materialize. It was quite pleasing to see the various instruments being unpacked and eventually a selection appeared. Guitars, an accordion and a ukulele were amongst the instruments but also present were singers and a story teller.   Harry Floyd himself began the entertainment and then the Folk Club guys took over and we  had a very entertaining evening with a selection songs, ladies and gents singing, guitar playing, folk songs with accordion and a Black Country story teller and comedian. Altogether a varied and entertaining show. The finale was the song, ” The Last Thing on my Mind”, played and sang  by a trio consisting of the accordion, a guitar and a ukulele and it was great.  We are very pleased that our policy of providing a variety of entertainment appears to be quite successful. However there are times when the choice of guest artists does not always appeal to some of our members, hence the saying, ” You can please some of the people some of the  time……………”.

The social nights are attracting more new faces which is very encouraging but this does create a little problem. Everyone is encouraged to play their accordion, sometimes being able to play at least three tunes but at the last meeting they were only just able to play two numbers each before we ran out of time. If the number of new players increases we shall have to put our  thinking caps on.  Monday March 23rd.  A very special night for accordion/music lovers. Richard Adey with his band, BON ACCORD, will be our guest artists. Richard himself has played here previously on a social night and everyone  was very impressed with his playing. The band plays a selection of French, Latin and Gypsy Jazz. I have visited their website and listened to samples of their repertoire and I was very impressed. Take a look at www.bonaccordmusic.com and you can experience what they have to offer.

Lou Ambrose