Dec. 15th. XMAS PARTY | The Black Country Accordion Club

Dec. 15th. XMAS PARTY


by Lou Ambrose


During the build up to this festive occasion the fact dawned on me that a number of our dear members were very young indeed in the early forties and would not have much idea of life in those unforgetable early years especially as they are all teetotal and devoted churchgoers.

Having obtained a CD with a sound track of an actual air raid during the blitz I decided on a period of five minutes silence, in darkness, so that everyone could experience the sounds of the sirens and bombings. I patrolled the gangways, dressed in my Air raid Wardens outfit, complete with a gas mask, helmet and a torch. The effect went down well. A table top display of Picture Post magazines from that era attracted a lot of interest.

December 15th. was the chosen date for the final gathering of 2014. The theme chosen was the ever increasing popular FORTIES NIGHT. In our wisdom we decided to make the evening free for all and sundry. Members were invited to bring along a friend or relative to enjoy the festivities and also enjoy the sumptious buffet provided by the club. The motive behind this very generous gesture was to show appreciation to our faithful following for providing support for the club for the past year. We may also have the benefit of some new members amongst the guests who realize what a fantastic and generous club we are. ( I was asked to say that).

So the situation was, Barry was to provide the music, assisted by Roger the drummer. A surprisevisitor, armed with his trombone was non other than Terry McGrath who very soon went on the stage for the show. Terry was followed by another guest, Sheila Fawkes, suitably attired for the theme of the night and ready for a song. We were now ready for a full night of nostalgia.

An atmosphere was needed, the room was very well decorated for Xmas and as the members arrived, many of them wearing something appropriate, some amusing and some excellent.

Barry and his band set the ball rolling with a very lively selection of period tunes and Sheila amused everyone with her antics and dancing with some of the members. Happy birthday was rendered on behalf of Edward Guest who had turned up with a magnificent birthday cake in the shape of an accordion which looked very real and far too good to consume.

The interval went down very well together with a superb buffet and a selection of Xmas quality prizes, many of which were donated on the night. The second part of the show began with a couple of songs from Sheila, then Barry and the boys played the very appropriate ‘The Dam Busters’ which received a standing ovation. A really enjoyable evening and a super end of the year show. Many thanks to all our supporters and A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE.

Social Nights will continue on the FIRST MONDAY each month begining on Jan.5th.

Guest artists will be SARAH CHANT and ALI, Accordionist and Singers

This night will see the presentation of the FRED PAYNE TROPHY, to the most improved playerof 2014 and the REG PHILIPS TROPHY to the best novice player of 2014.