B.L.A.and Music Club Jan23rd.2012 | The Black Country Accordion Club

B.L.A.and Music Club Jan23rd.2012


The Third Anniversary Celebrations JAN. 23rd. 2012

You can carefully make plans well ahead and then suddenly you have a problem.

I found that I was to finally have a new knee fitted the day before our club party.

I have missed very few of our events and missing this one was a blow for me. I

should be back to normal for the next meeting, I hope. Barry has very kindly kept

me informed and I have received lots of feedback from various members.

Many thanks for the ‘get well ‘ wishes received. I would like to send a ‘get well

soon’ to Reg Philips who was a founder member and long standing friend of all

the committee members. Reg has had a bad time and is on the mend now so we

can all look forward to seeing him again soon. Quite a few of our elderly members

have experienced health problems lately so let’s all hope for things to return back

to normal quickly. Fred has returned looking good and June, our singing prodigee

is recovering her voice. New blood needed, now. We do seem to have a regular

trickle of new members so things are not at all that gloomy.

Three years since year dot then. We have a strong membership, many happy visitors

and cash in bank, so we have a lot to look forward to. Slight childish tremors upset

the committee at the end of last year but were soon dismissed, so roll on 2012.

The canteen amassed enough cash to fund both the Xmas and Birthday parties,

this fact pleasing everyone. So, a plentiful supply of food and drink with a night of

fun and frivolities provided by Roman Volaschuck and Luba, his singing spouse, all

added up to another pleasing night of entertainment.

Roman is a great accordionist and singer and Luba is a remarkable singer. She sang

quite a selection of tunes including Eidelwies and Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Both these tunes really impressed everyone. Roman himself played a super, varied

selection of tunes ranging from theTyrol, including a yodelling voice capable of

starting an avalanche, Strangers in the Night, My Way and Blue Moon.

The usual Tote and Raffle went down well. Members excelled themselves with the

quality of raffle prizes they kindly donated and another birthday celebration was

also on the cards with non other than Tom Jones from Wales,(no,not that one) and

this was enhanced with Roman playing a very amusing selection of birthday tunes.

French, Russian, Scottish, Irish music followed and Luba rounded the evening off

with a number of Ukranian songs finishing with non other than Kalinka.

Yet another very pleasing night and once again, full marks to Roman and Luba.

After three years of music and pleasure we are all very pleased with the progress

that the club has made and we are all looking forward to the coming year.

Lou Ambrose