26th November 2012 | The Black Country Accordion Club

26th November 2012

A very good turnout  even though the dreadful weather conditions prevailed. The evergreen Harry Hussey was to be our guest artist and we were very pleased that he arrived on time despite the horrid weather.  Even so Harry had to make a detour, due to road conditions, in order to reach us. I first met Harry at the Caister Festival in 1995, by courtesy of the late Malcolm Gee. I was there with my team, filming the whole weekend, under the guidance of Malcom, to produce a video of the event. The interview with Harry turned into a hilarious farce as Harry was so funny with his jokes. He has hardly changed since then as he is still a great player and just as entertaining. Harry began the evening before we were ready, guests and members were arriving to find Harry demonstrating his new ‘Borsini’ to some of our admiring members and when the evening officially began he simply left his admirers and walked on to the stage and carried on playing. I think that by now everyone knows Harry well enough to know that he does not have a programme and simply sits there obligingly as requests are hurled at him. I estimated that he replied with about 95% success responding to the requests. after a brief discussion we decided that Harry must be the oldest professional player In the country still standing and doing the rounds. he began the show with his own request of, “what would you like me to play”?,  and So the evening progressed. Requests for ‘Captain Pugwash’ and ‘the Magic Roundabout’ certainly added a touch of humour. After the interval Ray Izod joined Harry for a busk and they very quickly ‘bonded’ to play a lively selection of tunes. Harry rounded off the night with a popular selection from the shows. Members who had not heard him play  before were amazed at his ability and vast repetoire of tunes. They were also amused at his antics and comedy.