26th March 2012 | The Black Country Accordion Club

26th March 2012

Our advert for this evening stated that everyone attending should expect a night of fun, frivolity and food and that is exactly what they enjoyed.  A fish and chips supper with the entertainment provided by ‘the lambeth walkers’, the pearly kings of entertainment, went down very well with everyone. The lambeth walkers is one of the theme bands of our own Barry Smith and we were promised a night of non stop music, fun, singing and games. With Barry on the accordion, roger playing the drums, Gary with his trumpet and Eddy both front man and tuba, the show began.

Why do fish and chips smell wonderful before the event and rather unpleasant afterwards??  We had a wonderful turnout with several new faces and an abundance of raffle prizes donated. Sid, the front man for the lambeth walkers was unavailable for the night but Eddy showed just what a capable entertainer he is by fronting the band for the night. A new face for the band but familiar to most of the audience, was Gary, the man with the trumpet. Gary is the musical director of the local brass band and received a standing ovation for his playing. The show opened with a burst of very energetic playing which had the audience jumping immediately and the performance never faltered from the first beat. After a lengthy interval, which allowed everyone to settle down, enjoy the meal and partake of refreshments, the raffle was drawn. The tote was drawn and a healthy £24 was presented to the winner, our own Tom Jones, who promptly handed it back to the club. This very generous contribution will go towards our next donation to charity.

After the interval the fun really began and Eddy prowled round the tables looking for a ‘victim’ to perform on stage, he chose a young lady called Donna to play the weird looking instrument called the ‘stumpf fiddle’ which seems to originate from the hill billy country, or somewhere similar.  She made a very good attempt of accompanying the band and was well applauded for having a go. More sing-alongs followed and Eddy then ‘persuaded’ more people to take part in a little competition. Male and females were paired off and had to race each other to inflate and burst a balloon by simply bouncing on a pump. This turned out to be hilarious. Sadly the evening came to an end and a very happy bunch of people went home.

Our social evenings, held on the first Monday of the month continue to grow in popularity with visitors and players alike. Guests and players are all welcome.