24th September 2012 | The Black Country Accordion Club

24th September 2012

We are still rather reeling from the casualties amongst our members but in true show biz style, ‘The show must go on’. After a very stormy Monday morning we were very pleased to see a break in the weather and an excellent turnout on the night. The local brass band, from Halesowen made their annual pilgrimage to our club. This band, ably led by Gary Bell, the musical director has a very strong following of loyal supporters who turned up in numbers for an evening of music.

The band also arrived in numbers and soon the front rows of chairs had to be moved in order to accommodate them as they spilled over from the stage. Feeling very pleased with the overall turnout, both band and visitors, we were in for another pleasant surprise. Gary introduced the band and  we were delighted to see that they had Roger, the drummer from Barry’s own band, playing with them. An even bigger surprise was when Gary introduced their guest artist, non other than accordionist, our chairman, Barry Smith. So, to sum up the entertainment, we had a brass band with a drummer and an accordionist also Gary Bell himself who is a brilliant trumpeter. They began with popular tunes, La Mere, Moon River and Barry joined in with the Snow waltz. The audience soon were into the swing of things and the evening show wound up with ‘A Mamma Mia’ selection and then everyone joined in singing  the national Anthem of the Liverpool football fans, You’ll Never Walk Alone. I found that the selection and range of music chosen by Gary pleased everyone. Well done Gary.

Altogether another very good night. The fact that local people are now popping in to enjoy the show is very encouraging but the fact remains that the number of members compared to visitors seems to vary according to the type of entertainment, ie. Accordion versus Bands, jazz or others.

We arranged a fund raising evening for the local hospice, in memory of Fred Payne and I invited the manageress of the local shop to be present to receive the monies donated. As she received the cash she commented that when I invited her to come and listen to the music she thought, ” ugh, accordions”, but after a night of accordion music, singing and frivolity she said that she thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  She returned the following day and repeated that fact. Many thanks to Jim Hines and Barry for their efforts. The club ‘Social’ night is slowly getting more popular with an increase in attendance and now players have the incentive of winning the Fred Payne Memorial Trophy for the most improved player of the year. The Social night is held on the FIRST MONDAY of the month. Refreshments are available and everyone, players or not, are invited to attend and have a go.